Howard and I would like to recommend Seville Builders/Wesley Yonda as an EXCELLENT Company/individual for home construction.  Seville Builders have built us six homes in the last ten years and have almost completed our seventh new home in Lake Havasu, AZ.  Why do we use Seville Builders?  Seville Builders/Wesley have given us fair home building prices, completed the contract as signed on time (occasionally some city interruptions), and kept his promises.  Wesley has taken his time to work with us in choices of home designs, tiles, granite, paints, etc.  He has even set up meetings with the painting contractor, wall contractor, etc when we had concerns.

We live in the State of Washington so trusting a contractor was/is a large issue with us in the construction of our homes. Wesley has gone to bat for us with the City of LKH, the sewer contractors, building department, etc. more than once.  We are very grateful for his positive attitude, knowledge and concerns in finishing the agreement in a fair and timely manner.

We have eight more lots in Mohave County for home building.  Guess which company we will be using?  You guessed it – Seville Builders!

Dee and Howard Hammer
Washington State

I have hired Seville builder’s to do everything from a complete new custom home to RV garage’s, room additions, bathrooms, deck’s, patio’s, flat tile roofing, and basically every kind of indoor home restoration too.  including fabulous tile floor’s, walk in showers, granite, excellent cabinet work, rock walls, custom lighting etc..  Wes is very trustworthy and professional person in every way, and straight up when it comes to pricing and design.  He’s also up to date with local city code enforcement and fee’s.  When you deal with Seville you are dealing with a company that has built over 500 homes in Lake Havasu so They definitely know what they’re doing.

Gary L. Hart
Lake Havasu City

It is our absolute pleasure to provide our experience with Wesley Yonda of Seville Builders, Inc.  We live in Southern California and started the process of building a second home in Lake Havasu over two years ago.  We started by investigating the builders who were still in business after the market break down, inspecting current models for quality and workmanship, talking with local real estate agents and banks, and finally speaking with the builders.

After the market decline in 2008, we found most of the builders in Lake Havasu (about 50 builders) were no longer in business, and those builders who remained in business were strong, well managed, quality builders.  We selected three builders, one of which was Seville Builders, and continued our research.

While examining the current models of the three builders, we looked for quality, workmanship, and a functional layout, paying special attention to energy efficiency, cabinetry, molding fit, and a smart use of tile. We found Seville homes quality and workmanship superior to other two builders.  The layout of the house was very functional with a seamless transition to all parts of the house.

Local real estate agents gave us his and her unbiased opinions on the three builders.  All three builders produced a quality product and were respectable; however, Wes of Seville Builders, with his straightforward, honest, and genuine approach outshined the other two builders.  Although local Banks would not discuss intricate dealings regarding the three builders; we were told that no complaints were ever reported by subcontractors working for Seville Builders Inc.  We now had a better insight of the three builders and decided to make appointments with each of the builders.

Wes, with Seville Builders was our first appointment.  Wes arrived in his pick-up truck along with his two dogs, on time, and ready to show us his model home. Wes allowed us to inspect the house without interruption and was ready to answer all our questions, simply, honestly, and to the point. Wes did not tell us what we wanted to hear, he simply told us the truth. Since our lot is a corner lot, we asked about setbacks, and asked if the house fit on our lot.  Wes suggested we drive to the lot and measure, and so we did.  Wes said the house would fit, but would check with the City Planner to verify the setbacks.  We asked about incorporating an RV garage and Wes gave us a very close “ballpark” figure, but said a three car garage and an RV garage would not fit on the lot.  Wes gave us his contact information and went to our next appointment.

Our second appointment was a no-show.  The builder failed to arrive even though we coordinated the meeting a week before and confirmed hours before the appointment.  The third builder could not meet us on the weekend we were in Havasu.

Weeks later we met with the second builder.  The builders were very nice; however, the model was loaded with many upgrades which were not part of the listed price.  I felt uncomfortable inspecting the house because the builders had an aristocratic demeanor.  So after an hour or so taking notes and trying to figure how much the house would actually cost, we found ourselves talking about things to do in Havasu, and not the house.  We did ask about the setbacks and the builders said they would get back to us.  After a week or so, I contacted the builders and was told the house would not fit on our lot.  And that was it, we were given other plans to look at and communication stopped.

We met with the third and final builder (the builder was over an hour late).  The builder was easy to talk to, but gave very quick and “top of the head” answers.  In short, we did not trust the information given to us and felt we would have many discrepancies and disagreements in the construction phase.

We selected Wes of Seville Builders, Inc., to build our home in Lake Havasu.  The original house did not fit our lot because the City increased the setbacks.  This did not deter Wes, he simply said, “we can make it work, I’ll do what it takes to make it work”.  We spent several long telephone calls rearranging and refining the infrastructure of the house, and together, we made it work.  We are not the easiest clients to deal with because we/I require constant updates, reassurances, opinions, clarification, and adjustments.  Wes was always patient and answered or returned 100% of our telephone calls.  Wes updated us on a weekly basis with telephone calls and pictures.  Wes gave us an accurate timeline of events and met with us on site to discuss and clarify the progress to date, and to refine construction, if needed. Wes continued to give us his simple, honest, and to the point guidance and opinion.  The house was completed on time and to our satisfaction and pleasure.

We recommend and support Wesley Yonda of Seville Builders, Inc. without reservation, hesitation, or reluctance to anyone who is interested in building a quality energy star rated home.


Ernest & Christine Barrio